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What Breakthrough Events, Inc. Can Do for You
With a diverse client portfolio, Breakthrough Events, Inc. can adapt to your business and to your market. We can develop in-store sales and marketing strategies, events, online campaigns and much more.
Breakthrough Events, Inc.’s Client Impact
At Breakthrough Events, Inc., we can deliver immediate results through sales and marketing strategies, ensuring that your name, product and service reach is as wide as possible. We can create direct promotional strategies that yield the best results.
Breakthrough Events, Inc.’s Customer Impact
Breakthrough Events, Inc.’s customers benefit from introductory prices, as we run promotions for all our new customers.

Breakthrough Events, Inc.’s Impact

Here at Breakthrough Events, Inc., we believe that sales and marketing strategies based on enthusiasm and deep knowledge of a product or service is the only kind that works. We aim to reach further than traditional promotional strategies and come up with new forms of campaigns through events that give our clients the best result, and customers the best product or service.

Breakthrough Events, Inc.’s Mission

Our mission here at Breakthrough Events, Inc. is to provide a quality service with a friendly team to ensure that our clients get sales and marketing solutions designed to their specifications. We want to provide positive outcomes not only for our clients, but also for the customers. We wish to help people expand their reach through lead generation and marketing and give their product or service the best reputation.

Meet the Team: Jonathan Wissner

  Name: Jonathan Wissner Education: B.S. K-8 Teacher and Psychology A.S. Computer Science How long have you been with Breakthrough Events: I’ve been with Breakthrough Events for just 8 weeks. What is your favorite campaign: My favorite campaign is SoniComfort because...
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Meet the Team: Megan Arnott

MEET THE TEAM!  Name: Megan Arnott Education: AS in General Studies How long have you been with Breakthrough Events:  5 months What is your favorite campaign and why?: I love the skin care campaigns. It’s rewarding to take part in helping others with problems that have...
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12 Days til Christmas…

The holidays are just around the corner!! We at Breakthrough Events are getting into the holiday spirit! If you are looking for some awesome gifts we have got the solution for you! Make sure to check out our three events before they end on Sunday!   Got some ladies who love...
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